PL-221 Top and Bottom Automatic Labeling machine

Solid and Flexible Construction Design
The PL-221 is suitable for various flat surface labeling. The solid foot stand is able to easily adjust the conveyor height in order to connect with any production line. The mobility castor is convenient for moving the machinery to support another production line.

Personalized Control System
We provide a simple and logical operating system that even the new staff would be able to operate, helping customers out with the division of labour.

Most Economic and Efficient Choice
PL-221 Top and Bottom Automatic Labeling machine has a wide range of capabilities. It is able to handle a wide range of label sizes, easily achievable through simple adjustments. The PL-221's high speed and stability makes it the most economic and efficient investment compared with other machines of the same function.

Suitable For Wide Range Labeling Function
With many options and extended functions, the machine has a wide range of labeling capabilities, increasing your efficiency, management, quality control in productions. Let our design team know your requirements and we will satisfy your needs.