PL-11 Top Stand Applicator

High Speed, High Efficiency, High Stability

The PL-11 Top Stand Applicator is suitable for a wide range of top labeling on flat package products. A simple, tool-free change is all that is required for changeovers, allowing maximum production efficiency. Its excellent stability shows real beauty in the performance results of your labeled products. This labeler uses PLC based control panel in the form of an advanced touch screen. The controls are easy to learn and simple to operate, with built in instructions and troubleshooting tools to reduce personnel training time and attain the most production efficiency. The additional designed functions are to assist in management and quality control.

  1. RISC CPU and PLC control system

  2. Label position set

  3. Label counter

  4. Batch counter

  5. Missing label auto stop system

  6. Adjustable speed for printing

  7. Hitech Touch control LCD screen

  8. Problem showing and solution guarding

  9. Built-in troubleshooting/operation manual

  10. 30 memory slots

  11. Screensaver

  12. Adjustable applicator height